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Educational Attainment


Education plays a significant role in social mobility, the prevention of poverty, the ability for people to escape the conditions of poverty, and the reduction of crime rates.1-4 Graduating from college or community college significantly increases the likelihood of an individual’s economic success.3-6

Literature suggests that post-secondary education plays an important role in upward mobility.3 Post-secondary education is defined as education attained after high school. This includes but is not limited to colleges, community colleges, and universities. The Post-Secondary Completion indicator measures the percentage the population, 25-years-old and older, with at least an associate’s degree.

While it is recognized that certificate programs are also important to a community, the data for such information is not currently available for analysis.

The measures that Forsyth Futures uses to track progress for Educational Attainment outcomes are listed below; the dashboard shows Forsyth Counties’ status and trends for each measure.

Educational AttainmentPost-Secondary CompletionPost-Secondary Completion

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