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Forsyth Futures studies our community to understand the causes of systemic challenges, communicate these insights in accessible, engaging ways, and disseminate them to stakeholders at all levels to inform positive change.

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We strive to serve as a clearinghouse for all types of data on our community. Continue browsing below to explore community information by sector or by type to discover data that matches your interests.

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We offer a range of services, including community data requests, to support community partners in accessing, understanding, and working with data.

2018 Forsyth County Key Measures Reference Report

Our 2018 Forsyth County Key Measures Reference Report is a compilation of commonly-requested, community-specific, reference information to aid informed public consideration and grant-writing activities in Forsyth County. The contents of this document address demographics and various topics related to the economy, health and wellness, education, and safety in Forsyth County.

Forsyth Futures is excited to announce our debut community briefing: the Benefits Cliff in Forsyth County 2019 Microsite. This microsite highlights a phenomenon, commonly called the benefits cliff or the cliff effect, in which a pay increase results in a net loss of combined income and benefits. The benefits cliff occurs because many public benefits instantly stop at a given income threshold. Once a participant crosses the threshold, benefits plummet to zero with no gradual phase-out.

The Microsite explains the various benefit cliffs faced by Forsyth County residents to provide context for community stakeholders. It seeks to provide clear pathways to action that community stakeholders might take to mitigate some of the negative or disruptive effects of the various benefits cliffs.

We envision a vibrant, equitable, and prosperous Forsyth County, in which all stakeholders have the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Forsyth Futures studies our community to uncover the root causes of systemic challenges, shares these insights in accessible, engaging ways, and convenes decision makers at all levels to inform positive change.


Illuminate community challenges and opportunities through action-oriented research.


Distribute accessible, engaging, actionable information to citizens, leaders, and institutions.


Engage key stakeholders to advocate informed, collaborative decision making and resource allocation.