The Forsyth Promise 2016 Community Report

Published: 2016

To achieve the measurable changes in educational outcomes for children from cradle to career, we must change. We must change the way we work together, the way we think about the challenges facing children, families, and schools, the way resources are invested and leveraged, and the way we develop solutions. Leading the comprehensive, integrated community effort to do just this is The Forsyth Promise. Beginning in January 2017, a report will be released on an annual basis to monitor and assess the partnership’s progress as we work to ensure every child in Forsyth County receives the best education possible and is fully equipped to thrive throughout life. The 2017 report will serve as the partnership’s and our community’s baseline. In this 2016 report you will learn what The Forsyth Promise has been doing during the last two years to cultivate an environment that facilitates the individual, institutional, and systems-level changes needed to transform the lives of Forsyth County children and youth. We invite you to read, think about, and discuss the information in this report. And then, we ask you to get involved. Whether you are a parent with children in a local school, a business or faith community leader, a teacher, a concerned community member, a young person dreaming about your future – we ALL have a stake in achieving these outcomes

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