The Forsyth Promise 2014 Community Report

Published: 2014

Report Type: Collective Impact

Background:The Forsyth Promise, a broad-based community partnership, wants to see every child in Forsyth County educated, equipped, and engaged from cradle to career. We want every child to receive the best education possible and be prepared to thrive throughout life. The information in this report provides a snapshot of our children’s educational outcomes at this moment in time as they make the journey from birth to young adulthood.

We are inviting the entire community to work together to improve the educational and social outcomes for every child in Forsyth County. Each of us has a reason to care about the success of each child – they will grow up to work in our community, create new businesses, teach our children, care for us when we are sick, and pay taxes to keep Forsyth County growing. We ask you to read, think about, and discuss the information in this report. And then, we are asking you to get involved.

The issues highlighted in this report need solutions, and they need the direct involvement of everyone in Forsyth County. Each one of us can do one thing to help the newest members of our community thrive. And, in doing so, we will help Forsyth County flourish.

We are eager to begin this journey with you.

Rev. Prince Raney Rivers
Senior Pastor United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church

Jill Tackabery
Board Member, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Board of Education



  • T. Sharee Fowler, Ph.D. Partnership Director United Way of Forsyth County
  • Adam Hill Data Analyst Forsyth Futures
  • Crystal Outlaw Network Facilitator United Way of Forsyth County


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