Community Initiatives

Forsyth Futures is involved in a variety of community initiatives and collaborations that help inform action in our community.  
Forsyth Futures coined the termed Initiascape® to reflect a type of a report that depicts the non-profit, public service, and other related work (initiatives) currently underway within a given area of need in the community.  As a result of Forsyth Futures efforts in developing comprehensive reports related to specific areas of work in the community (Poverty, Access to Health Care, Local Food, etc.), it has become clear that the best use of the Initiascape format and technology is as a component of future reports.  See the Initiascape within the Access to Health Care report and an upcoming report on Poverty to be released Spring/Summer 2016. 
Links to past Initiascape reports can be found here:

The Forsyth Promise

The Forsyth Promise is a community-wide education partnership that develops and aligns resources in the community to improve education outcomes from cradle to career. Forsyth Futures serves as the data and research manager for The Forsyth Promise. Data serves a key role by guiding and informing the work of the partnership and the community partners.  Click here to learn more about the Forsyth Promise. 

The Mayor's Thought Force on Poverty

Forsyth Futures has been contracted by the City of Winston-Salem to serve as facilitator of the newly established Winston-Salem Mayor’s Thought Force on Poverty.  As facilitator for this unique and important endeavor, Forsyth Futures is committed to providing the diverse membership of the Thought Force with the data and evidence based information and analysis necessary to ensure that the efforts of the Thought Force have a scientific basis.  In collaboration with the Office of the Mayor, the Office of the Provost of Wake Forest University, WFDD, and many other key partners represented on and/or supporting the Thought Force, Forsyth Futures will assist in coordinating and analyzing community input received through the World Café process, the outcomes of which will serve to impartially inform the Thought Force membership in their work.  Click here to read more about this project on the city's website.