Forsyth Futures Announces New Executive Director

Forsyth Futures, a non-profit community data research organization serving Forsyth County, NC, has announced the selection of Trevor Flanery, PhD as their new executive director. Prior to joining Forsyth Futures, Dr. Flanery taught Urban Planning at Virginia Tech and Geospatial Science at Radford University. He will join Forsyth Futures on March 1st.
“We are excited to have Trevor’s unique skills, experience, and perspective and look forward to his help in growing the organization and increasing the use of our services among Forsyth County’s leaders and planners,” said Rence Callahan, Forsyth Futures board chairman and partner at Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects.
Dr. Flanery holds a PhD in Planning, Governance, & Globalization from Virginia Tech (VT) where he also conducted research for VT’s Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience, the Office of Economic Development, and the Metropolitan Institute, among others. His professional experience includes non-profit, legislative, and local government positions supporting community development and environmental sustainability. Locally born and bred, Flanery received his bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Forsyth Futures, whose tagline is, “studying our community, informing action,” works with partner agencies and institutions throughout Forsyth County on an ongoing basis to collect and analyze broad ranges of data. These data sets are distilled into valuable insights into how we, as a community, are doing. Key examples of this work include:
  • In Fall 2017, Forsyth Futures published the Forsyth County Poverty Study — the culmination of a two-year effort which yielded the most in-depth examination of poverty in Forsyth County that our community has ever seen.
  • In 2018, Forsyth Futures will relaunch the community indicators series, which provides ongoing tracking of key measures tied to Forsyth County’s performance in the areas of economy, health & wellness, education, arts & culture, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, safety, social justice, and transportation.
Dr. Flanery added, “Forsyth Futures is unique in Forsyth County, working on many levels to publish analyses that are incredibly valuable to planning efforts. In 2018, we’re expanding our partnerships in the community and honing our communications. We must do a world-class job of presenting key information in ways that tell clear, compelling stories — data is most useful when people can engage with it. As we expand our partnerships, we’ll work to enhance them, assisting in continuous improvement efforts to make better use of data in decision-making, whether that takes the form of consultation, education, or participation in one of several of Forsyth County’s collective impact initiatives.”
Rence Callahan added, “Trevor’s unique background combines non-profit, legislative, local government, and planning perspectives. He is well-positioned to navigate the complex and multi-disciplinary role that Forsyth Futures has served in Forsyth County for over twenty years. We are excited for him to lead this incredible team as we push the boundaries of what our community can accomplish with data.”
Forsyth Futures plays a unique role in our community, providing data-focused analysis and consultation services for Forsyth County organizations and institutions. Forsyth Futures strives to communicate high-quality, in-depth analyses in ways that are simple, accessible, and always non-partisan.

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