Poverty Study Key Findings: Income

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Figure 1: Forsyth County Annual Income Quintiles
  • Figure 1 shows the distribution of income in Forsyth County in 2015.
  • About 20% of households in Forsyth County make less than $20,000.
  • The middle 20% of households earn between $37,000 and $57,000 a year. 
  • About 5% of households in Forsyth County make more than $167,000.

Figure 2: Household Income by Percentile in Forsyth County, 2006-2015
  • Figure 2 demonstrates that when controlling for inflation, there has been a general decrease in income across all quintiles, despite a significant increase for the 95th percentile between 2014 and 2015.
  • This decrease in household incomes could be contributing to increases in poverty in Forsyth County.

Figure 3: Median Household Income by Race/Ethnicity of Householder in Forsyth County, 2014
Figure 4: Median Household Income for Families by Family Type in Forsyth County, 2015
Figure 5: Median Household Income for Families with and without Children in Forsyth County, 2015

*Data on Hispanic/Latino residents has a high level of variance and should be interpreted with caution.

*Male householder, no wife present has a high level of variance and should be interpreted with caution.

  • Households headed by African American and Hispanic/Latino householders have significantly lower median incomes than those headed by White, non-Hispanic householders, as is shown in Figure 3.
  • Figure 4 illustrates that the median household income for married couple families is around twice that of families with unmarried single heads.
  • And Figure 5 shows that families with children have a significantly lower median income than those who do not have children.
  • These disparities in household income could contribute to disparities in poverty outcomes for these groups.

Concentrated Poverty     Employment      Income      Education      Immigration      Family Structure