Forsyth County Demographics, 2014

Figure 1: Population of Major Urban North Carolina Counties, 2014
  • Forsyth County is the fourth-most populated county in North Carolina. 
  • In 2014, an estimated 365,298 people live in Forsyth County. 

Figure 2: Forsyth County Residents by Gender, 2014
  • About 53 percent of Forsyth County residents are female and about 47 percent are male. 

The U.S. Census Bureau considers residents' ethnic identity separately from their racial identity.  When the Census Bureau describes ethnicity, they are describing whether or not a resident identifies as Hispanic or Latino.  Hispanic and Latino residents may identify as any race. 
Figure 3: Forsyth County Residents by Ethnicity, 2014
  • About 13 percent of Forsyth County residents identify as Hispanic or Latino. 

Figure 4: Forsyth County Residents by Race, 2014
  • As of 2014, about 69 percent of Forsyth County Residents are White. 
  • About 28 percent are African American. 
  • About 3 percent of residents identify as some other race. 

In the graph below, the Census Bureau's race and ethnicity categories have been combined so that residents are identified as Hispanic/Latino or some other race (non-Hispanic/Latino).  These categories are mutually exclusive. 
Figure 5: Forsyth County Residents by Combined Race/Ethnicity, 2014
  • In 2014, about 58 percent of Forsyth County residents are White (non-Hispanic); an estimated 26 percent are African American (non-Hispanic), and around 13 percent are Hispanic/Latino. 

Figure 6: Forsyth County Residents by Age Group, 2014
  • As of 2014, about 24 percent of Forsyth County's population is under 18. 
  • About 62 percent of Forsyth County's population is working age (19-64). 
  • And, about 14 percent of Forsyth County's population is retirement age (65 and older). 

Figure 7: Forsyth County Demographics by Age Group and Race/Ethnicity, 2014
  • Older age groups tend to have a higher share of White, non-Hispanic/Latino residents than younger age groups. 
  • Younger age groups in Forsyth County tend to be more diverse. 

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