Social Justice

Social Justice can be thought of as the balancing or addressing of various inequalities present in society¹. While measures of inequalities and disparities in our community are widely discussed, roles of institutions and systems that may contribute to or perpetuate this inequality are not as widely discussed or understood. Forsyth Futures’ core concepts for the social justice sector focus on socio-economic inclusivity and social mobility. We believe these two perspectives on the sector will illuminate barriers to social and economic well-being while shedding light on systemic issues that, when addressed, will assist our community in becoming more equitable and inclusive.

Gender Equity in PayRatio of earnings of female versus male workers
Income DistributionPalma Ratio
Median Income DisparitiesGender and Race/Ethnic disparities in median income

¹ Reisch, M. (2002). Defining Social Justice in a Socially Unjust World’, Families in Society 83(4): 343–54

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