Employment in Forsyth County

This is reference information for different sectors of employment in Forsyth County. This page includes data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to identify major industries in Forsyth County and shows some changes in these industries between 2008 and 2017

Considering all types of industry sectors, there are two main categories: Goods and Services.


Number of Jobs in Goods Sector


Number of Jobs in Service Sector

Sectors of Employment

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SectorNumber Employed, 2017
Accommodation and Food Services
Administrative and Support13,067
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation2,910
Educational Services14,329
Financial Activities11,250
Health Care and Social Assistance38,471
Management of Companies & Enterprises6,276
Professional Services7,666
Public Administration6,181
Real Estate1,879
Retail Trade21,018
Other Services4,298

Changes in Employment by Sector

The following graph shows changes in number of people employed by sector between 2008 and 2017.

Average Annual Wages for Different Sectors

This graph shows the average annual wage for a typical person working in that sector.

Changes in Average Annual Wages

The graph below shows the changes in average annual wages for a typical worker in that sector.