Making Progress Report: Homelessness 2013

Published: 2013

Report Type: Making Progress Report

Background: Forsyth Futures’ Making Progress Reports serve as a tool to inform Forsyth County, N.C., residents about current issues, conditions, and trends in six areas: Educational Success, Economic Self-Sufficiency, Mental and Physical Health, Environmental Sustainability, Safety, and Community Engagement. The Making Progress Report: Homelessness is part of the Economic Self-Sufficiency series. Residents who are economically self-sufficient have the ability to care for themselves and their families without relying on assistance for basic needs. Other indicators within the series include: Income, Housing, Food Assistance, Employment, Employers Data and analysis of other indicators in the series are located on the Forsyth Futures’ website ( The following report provides a description of the homelessness indicator, identifies measures of homelessness and key findings, and examines what is needed Forsyth County to continue to Make Progress.


Author: Elizabeth Perkins, MPH, Forsyth Futures
Project Supervisor: Dr. Doris Páez, Executive Director of Forsyth Futures

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