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Income by Quintile


Quintiles help illuminate income inequality among earners. Income quintiles are defined in percentiles and read using upper-limit thresholds. For example, in 2016 the 20th percentile quintile has an upper limit of just over $20,000, meaning twenty percent of the population earned income less than just over $20,000. Due to the general nature of quintiles, income thresholds change from year to year.

Changes in community incomes do not always happen uniformly for high-and low-income earners. For example, incomes could rise for households at one end of the distribution and stay the same or drop for households at the other end of the distribution.

The data dashboard below shows current and recent trend data for quintile thresholds for income in Forsyth County.

Dashboard: Income Quintiles

Income Thresholds for Quintiles

  • In 2016, about 20% of Forsyth County households made less than $20,257 a year.
  • The middle 20% of households made between $37,845 and $60,195 a year.
  • The top 20% of households made more than $97,453 a year.
Notes on Data

This report has been produced to support grant writing efforts. As such, the validity and reliability of the data in this report has not been rigorously statistically tested. Forsyth Futures does not support the use of this data for specific programmatic planning. If you are interested in using data from this report for more rigorous purposes, please contact for a consultation on how best to proceed.

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