Emergency Food Assistance Efforts in Forsyth County

Published: Spring, 2014

Report Type: Asset Mapping (formerly Initiascape©)

Background: An Initiascape© provides a map of the landscape of our community’s efforts about a particular initiative. It also serves as a resource directory of those programs that are connected through a common initiative. Initiascapes© are designed to increase opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in order to more efficiently use our community’s resources. This Initiascape© study about Emergency Food Assistance is designed to help connect the community “dots” of those who provide emergency food assistance in Forsyth County.


Author: Kathy Norcross Watts, MRP, Forsyth Futures
Project Supervisor: Dr. Doris Páez, Executive Director of Forsyth Futures

We appreciate information provided by:

Thanks also to MapForsyth of Forsyth County for creating the maps to show the locations of the emergency food assistance efforts and for sharing their maps of federal data related to Forsyth County’s areas of need.

Photography by Kathy Norcross Watts.

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