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Public Schools of NC State Board of Education Accountability Services Division: Accountability and Testing Results1997-2018Click HereThe accountability services division seeks to provide data related to academic achievement for all NC public school students and understand achievement and development compared to state and national standards. The site reports student performance data and documentation related to end of grade testing, alternate assessments, cohort graduation rates, SAT, ACT, and AP results, historical reports, and school performance reports.State, county, and districtEducationCohort Graduation Rate, Data Sets and Reports, School Performance State Testing Results (Green Book), The ACT and ACT WorkKeys Results, SAT and AP Results
Federal Reports Historical 2003-2012, ESEA Historical School Status, ABCs Historical Data 1997-2012
Public Schools of NC State Board of Education Enterprise Data and Reporting: Reports and Statistics1997-2017 (some 2018)Click HereThe Reports and Statistics section of website provides aggregated data related to student testing, attendances, financial and business services, drop out reports, crime and discipline rates, career and education reports, and consolidated state performance reports.State, county, and districtEducation, Safety (school)School performance, NC school report, ACT/SAT results, end of grade yearly progress reports, student attendance, drop out reports, school crime estimates.
CDC Wonderrecent update 2018Click Herethe CDC WONDER is a publicly available resource with health related data sets useful for public health research, decision making, program planning, and evaluations. The system includes regularly updated summaries of public health statistics, maps, charts, and ad-hoc queries.National, State, Region, and CountyHealth and Wellness, Demographicschronic conditions, mortality, morbidity, aging, asthma, prevalence, cancer, disabilities, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, communicable disease, immunizations, injury, infant health, environmental health, prevention, occupational health.
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