Boston-Thurmond Neighborhood Survey: Key Findings Report

Publication: February 2018

Author(s): Jessica Cannady, Design: Tyler Sparks

Steering Committee:

  • Kristen Hoff
  • Kenneth Holly
  • Nakida McDaniel
  • Kelly Mitter
  • Renai Wisley

Community and Institutional Partners:

  • The Greater Boston-Thurmond Community
  • The Boston-Thurmond Neighborhood Association
  • NBN Resident Leaders
  • Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County
  • Collegiate Challenge Volunteers
  • Imagine Forsyth
  • Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods
  • Forsyth Futures
  • Winston-Salem Foundation

Background/Abstract: The Boston-Thurmond Neighborhood survey was a co-created collaborative effort between community leaders, residents, and organizations. The goal of the effort was to strengthen relationships, explore lived experiences,  better understand what neighbors hope to see as the community continues to grow, provide some insight into community beautification efforts, and build capacity for the neighborhood association. The survey questions were not intended to support any one development or planning model outside of community based efforts.

Additional Notes: Caution should be used when comparing survey findings to whole population estimates due to potential error. Data may be useful as neighborhood level indicators to inform action efforts and encourage collaborative community-based exploration. Cause and effect conclusions should not be drawn from findings.

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