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Community Food System Assessment

In January 2013 Forsyth Futures released Forsyth County's Community Food System: A Foundation to Grow.The purpose of the study is to understand the economic and social benefits of food produced in Forsyth and the surrounding counties. The goals of the study are to provide an objective assessment of the current local food system in Forsyth County, and to serve as a catalyst to maximize the impact of local foods.

For the results of the study and opportunities for community action please view Forsyth County's Community Food System: A Foundation to Grow.

The report Forsyth County's Community Food System: A Foundation to Grow was sponsored by Forsyth County and the Winston-Salem Foundation.  



As a result of the study a set of opportunities for community action were identified to enhance Forsyth County's community food system. One opportunity is the development of a community food system consortium. The objective of the Consortium is to serve as a convener and catalyst for the Forsyth County community food system, and to monitor and guide the implementation of the study Forsyth County's Community Food System.

With community partners Forsyth Futures is facilitating the establishment of the Consortium. For more information on the Consortium please visit their website: